About Us

Technology to enrich the lifestyle and keeps you healthy.


GETIIT - be Smart, was launched in Nov 2014 by a team of professionals passionate to create ease in the lives of people and enrich it with modern technology. Starting with an elegant range of smart watch GETIIT team is working to add new products and enhance its lineup.. The journey that begun from the New York City has now reached the coast of Karachi. Here, GETIIT has been warmly welcomed by masses.  Many are using GETIIT smart watches and are immensely satisfied with its performance.


Ubiquitous computing and the proliferation of connected devices require new thinking about design.  


For the consumers, wrist worn and other wearable devices, become new way to communicate quantify self, and perform tasks. For the business and the brands, the Internet of Things will help address their top challenges.

  • Communication
  • Activity
  • Health Monitoring
  • Mobile Payment
  • Bio-metric Identification
  • Remote Triggers And More.

We develop the simpler, smarter and stronger ways for both individuals and industry to realize the full potential of the connected world.

SMART ENABLING WATCH                                                                                                                                                     FITNESS E STRAPS

We develop intelligent and intuitive, functional and fashion-forward                                                                    Fitness strap with build-in monitor tracks wearer's physical activity over time.

Bluetooth CONNECTED watches.